Why EveryBody Needs a Physical Therapist

Why EveryBody Needs a Physical Therapist

Some people believe physical therapy helps only people who have undergone surgery or who have been seriously injured. However, physical therapists help treat a wide variety of conditions for people of all ages and walks of life.

1. Physical Therapy is a Game Changer

Athletes can benefit from physical therapy

While athletes do use physical therapy to recover from sports injuries, physical therapy can also be preventative. It’s critical for most athletes to be back in the game as soon as possible. By working with a physical therapist,  athletes not only recover faster but are also educated on their injury. As movement experts, physical therapists understand how the human body should move. Myofascial decompression, which is not just for athletes, is an increasingly popular form of therapy for athletes as it manages pain, nerve compression, and tight muscles.

2. Take Control of Your Life

For people who live with chronic pain, physical therapy helps them return to what they love. Not only does physical therapy help people return to their hobbies or active lifestyle, but it overall improves their life. By regaining mobility, patients will become more independent. Imagine how amazing it feels to spend time with friends and family after being bedridden from pain!

3. Find Your Balance

As mentioned previously, physical therapy treats a range of conditions, including balance issues. For example, vestibular rehabilitation helps patients suffering from vertigo, balance problems, brain trauma or inner ear dysfunctions.

physical therapy can help with work injuries

4. Continue Your Career

Unfortunately, an injury can put your life on an unexpected course. For example, Jeff, a lineman, tore his rotator cuff. This could have put him out of his work. However, he sought physical therapy. After graduating from physical therapy, Jeff returned to one of the most physically demanding jobs in our region!

Regardless of the condition, living in pain or experiencing spinning from vertigo can seriously impact your ability to work and therefore your livelihood.

5. Preventative Care

Are you consider taking up a new sport or are returning to exercising after a long period of rest? Before you jump into the arena, you may want to see a physical therapist first. A physical therapist can help you learn how to safely take up this new activity. It’s possible that during a preventative appointment your physical therapist may actually find dysfunction. Patients will sometimes grow accustomed to living with extreme muscle tightness or a loss of mobility and not even realize it. By addressing any dysfunction early, you may help prevent an injury occurring later!


As movement experts, physical therapists work with patients of all ages and lifestyles. Patients need physical therapy to help them manage their pain, improve mobility, and educate them on their injuries. By seeing a physical therapist before making a lifestyle change, you may be able to prevent a future injury from happening!

I would like people to understand that you do not have to be athletically inclined to be successful in your physical therapy. We see people from all walks of like in all different conditions. We really tailor a plan to help anyone reach their goals. Also, people tend to think that physical therapy is going to be very painful and even torturous. This is not always true. Different physical therapists will have different philosophies. It is important to find one who will listen to your needs and your goals, and adapt their style to provide you with the best care.” – Roseville Clinic Director Megan Self, PT, DPT 

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