Thriving Thursday with Kristine from Sacramento!

Thriving Thursday with Kristine from Sacramento!

5 years. 

That’s 60 months or 1,825 days until Kristine could bend over after her hip surgery. That was in 2012, and after 5 difficult years of not being able to bend down at all, she found Mark at Performance Physical Therapy.

That’s when her life changed for the better.

After her hip surgery and a bulging disk, Kristine began her treatment for the first time at Performance Physical Therapy. Prior to meeting Mark, she was not able to bend down at all. She remembers how Mark began her on the exercise bike along with other exercises and services. When recalling those positive changes and searching for the perfect way to describe it, she said, “Mark just got me all limbered up!” Soon, she was even able to bend down and touch her toes for the first time in five years! That was life changing for her.

The Relationship between Patient and Physical Therapist

Kristine continued to share the qualities that set Mark apart from the rest of the Physical Therapists in the area, and her biggest one was that he has the ability to make you forget about your troubles. If you knew Kristine you would know she is one of the sweetest people in the entire world. Getting to know Kristine over the years, we know she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, knitting blankets for her friends and family and going to church. Her laugh is quiet but sincere, and what our staff loves most about her is that she’s always smiling. In addition, despite her innocence, she still gives Mark a bit of a hard time too! One of her first impressions of Mark was when another patient came in for treatment, and while in the waiting room together she noticed this other patient was not in the best mood. Kristine said within two minutes of meeting Mark the woman was absolutely laughing and in the best mood. “It was like night and day, I would say he has great bedside manners and that’s what keeps me coming back. I’ve been to Physical Therapy in many other places, and I’ve had an array of therapists. When you find a good one, you stick with them.”

Kristine is now being treated by Mark for her arm injury after an accidental fall at her granddaughter’s graduation. After the fall, Kristine hoped that the pain would go away. Unfortunately, the pain not only persisted but had became more severe. Kristine said she hoped the pain would go away, and the embarrassment of the fall turned into self pity. She wanted to get better, but she knew she couldn’t do it alone. The pain was shooting from her fingers all the way up to her elbow. She also had a bump on her wrist and a bad case of trigger finger. She was “a ball of pain” when she called to schedule her appointment. Today she can happily say not only is her trigger finger much better but the bump on her wrist is also gone!

Although there are Physical Therapists located much closer to her, Kristine continues to trust Mark and everyone at Performance Physical Therapy. She loves the serene drive to Folsom.

When asked what she thought of our staff, with laughter in her voice she said, “these kids are just the sweetest, I don’t know where he finds them!”

If You Live in the Sacramento Region, Call Us Today to Begin Your Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

With appointments available within 24 hours, our services include Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Hand Therapy, and Vestibular Rehabilitation. Call today to schedule your appointment to begin treatment quickly. We proudly offer physical therapy in four locations: Folsom, Roseville, Rancho Cordova and J street in East Sacramento. Additionally, we are proud to offer our physical therapy services to those living in surrounding cities such as Midtown, Auburn, Rocklin, Elk Grove, Antelope, Citrus Heights, and Placerville. Let us help you live your most mobile life and get you back to doing the activities you love! 


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