The Folsom Telegraph: Performance Physical Therapy opens its doors in Folsom

After working with patients for 20 years throughout the region, Performance Physical Therapy opened their fourth clinic at the Folsom Health and Wellness Center this month.

Dr. Mark McCoy, of Fair Oaks, opened the location to patients on June 2 and the new space offers a gym with state-of-the-art equipment, four exam rooms and a huge swimming pool for aquatic therapy complete with a hoyer lift.

“Aquatic therapy is a fantastic option for those who want a low-impact workout or have pre-existing conditions,” McCoy said. “We listen, and then treat. My goal remains the same, compassionate care with effective results—it’s that simple.”

Performance Physical Therapy offers outpatient orthopedic care as well as treatments for balance and fall prevention therapy.

“We mainly specialize in back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip treatments,” he said. “We treat any joint or muscle pain.”

Other Performance Physical Therapy locations include East Sacramento, Rancho Cordova and Antelope.

“Something that separates us from other physical therapy locations is our swimming pool for aquatic therapy,” McCoy said. “We keep our pool close to body temperate at 97 degrees. In general, other pools are kept at 87 or 88 degrees, which is great for working out, but is difficult for recovery. When the temperature is kept at body temperature, people are able to start therapy right after an injury through movement.”

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