Team Performance: Dr. Scott Crosby

3 words to describe Dr. Scott Crosby

  1. Dedicated – Scott has been with Performance Physical Therapy for over 15 years. He’s dedicated to helping patients. He’s dedicated to leading a team of physical therapists as our Director of Rehabilitation Services, and he’s also celebrating 21 years of dedication to his best friend and wife Patty. Together they have two boys that bring light to Scott’s face anytime he speaks of them. He is the coach of his youngest son’s baseball team and encourages his eldest son to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. If you think he’s a dedicated PT, you should see him as a father.
  2. Passionate – Scott is passionate about helping others overcome their conditions. He finds tremendous joy in listening to his patients describe what’s happening in their lives, what brought them to us and how he can help them. “My greatest reward is when I have a patient who had been struggling with a condition, who may have seen other clinicians over time, and after my intervention, saw improvement. It validates to me why I am doing this, to help each and every person that comes across my path.”
  3. Beer Scientist – Yep, we said it! Scott loves to brew delicious beer when he’s not wearing one of his other many hats – and he’s actually really good at it. The man is dedicated, he’s passionate and he knows how to enjoy life. We’re just so thankful to have him on our team.

Cheers Scott, and thank you for everything you give and bring to our team! P.S. Additional Facebook image courtesy of Jamie Brinker 🙂

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