How to Stretch The Area Between Your Shoulder Blades

How to Stretch The Area Between Your Shoulder Blades

The area between your shoulder blades, the pesky one that always feels too tight, is made up of two muscles called the rhomboid major and rhomboid minor. Both muscles are in the shape of rhomboid and are located between the spine and the shoulder blade (scapula). The rhomboid muscles function in pulling your shoulder blades (scapula’s) together and stabilizing the upper portion of your spine and your shoulders. When you perform activities that pull your shoulders back, such as rowing,  you are activating your rhomboids.

Why should you stretch your rhomboids?

Rhomboids play a vital role in your posture, flexibility and mobility. When you sit, do your shoulders droop like an oval or do they resemble the corners of a square? Rounded shoulders are not only indicators of bad posture but they can cause shoulder pain in the future and limit both the mobility and range of motion in your arms.

When should you stretch your rhomboids?

As with any stretching, you must first warm up your entire body. You can do so with easy aerobic exercises that get your upper body and arms moving.

How to stretch your rhomboids:

The first stretch is the Rhomboid Doorway Stretch.

In a doorway with a frame, anchor your hands in a cross-over manner, holding onto the door frame.

Then lean your upper back backwards, tucking your head gently to achieve a stretch in upper back between shoulder blades

The second stretch is the Seated Rhomboid Stretch.

Sit with your knees and feet together. Cross your arms and hold onto your outer thighs. You should feel a pull between your shoulder blades. To deepen the stretch, push your knees apart.

By Levneet Sran

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