5 Steps to Starting a New Exercise Routine

5 Steps to Starting a New Exercise Routine

You start the day off with the best intentions. Yet, as you cross off your daily to-do list, there’s one activity you keep pushing back. It doesn’t get completed before work, but despite promising yourself you’d do it when you got home, the second you curl up on the couch you decide tomorrow will be a better day to start. What’s that mystery task? It’s exercising!

According to The Time, only a quarter of Americans exercise enough based on a report from the Centers for Disease Control. It’s recommended adults get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week with at least 75 minutes of vigorous activity, and yet most people are not reaching these marks.

In order to meet these goals, it’s critical to establish a fitness routine.

  1. Pick exercise you will actually want to do

    • Whether it’s tending to your garden, dancing, or speedwalking with a friend, pick an activity you know you will enjoy. It will be much easier to start a routine if you look forward to it!
  2. Have a plan

    • So you want to exercise more often. But it’s not enough to just say you’ll exercise every day. Consider what your real goals are when it comes to exercising so you can build a better plan. Do you want to compete in a marathon? Do you want to be able to keep up with the grandkids during the next trip to the park? Or, are you wanting to become stronger and be more toned? Goals like these will help you stay motivated and think about the big picture. Be sure though to set realistic goals you can actually achieve so you don’t feel discouraged early on.
  3. Start slowly, then ramp up

    • If you’re taking up a new fitness program or sport, ease yourself into the activity. This is especially true if you have recovered from an injury. You may want to see a physical therapist to learn more about how different forms of exercise could impact your body after an injury.
  4. Switch up your exercise

    • You should aim to build strength, improve flexibility, and incorporate cardio into your exercise routine.
  5. Track Your Progress

    • While it’s not necessary to take your measurements before committing, some people do find it valuable to write down their starting weight.  Additionally, recording the measurements of your arms, waist, hips, and chest may be useful as you may still be able to track your progress, even if the scale isn’t reflecting that. Also, take note of how you are feeling. Is it easier to go up the stairs? Are you feeling stronger? Is your balance improving?

Any other tips you have to share about starting an exercise routine? Comment below to share! Remember to consult your doctor before adopting an exercise plan if you have any injuries, illnesses or conditions, or are on any medications as they may affect your heart rate and impact your workouts.

Experiencing pain when you exercise? You may want to see a physical therapist. 

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