Recovery Goals and Aquatic Therapy

Recovery Goals and Aquatic Therapy

Life struck and you’ve encountered a setback or injury, so now you have some recovery goals to meet. Your life may be a bit disorganized, and you likely don’t have time for this process. We understand and we are here to make your recovery experience as pleasant as possible! Therapists at Performance Physical Therapy are dedicated to delivering Compassionate Care with Effective Results as well as committed to tailoring the best plan of care. Their goal is to get you back to a happier and healthier lifestyle through Aquatic Therapy.

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy is rehabilitation done in a therapeutic pool. Our pools are kept at 98 degrees, which allows you to increase your range of motion that may not be possible on land after injury. Aquatic Therapy allows for conditioning for specific injuries through dynamic stabilization. Moreover, Aquatic Therapy builds a foundation of strength and function without compromising back or joint dysfunction. As a matter of fact, some patients feel no pain when they’re in the water. It’s really a beautiful thing.

Aquatic Therapy is a great option for early movement after surgery, especially for those who are partial or non-weight bearing. Being submerged in water makes you buoyant, and takes away about 50% of your body weight, which allows you to accomplish more in water. As you know motion is lotion, so as you continue to move through exercises prescribed by your therapist, you may have the opportunity to transition to land-based therapy.  

Recovery Options

Equally important is knowing your options when it comes to achieving your recovery goals! Aquatic Therapy is one strong option, and some of our patients even combine it with land therapy as they build more strength. Remember to communicate with your physical therapist if the exercises cause pain or discomfort, and stay committed to the home-exercises they assign to you. At Performance Physical Therapy, we offer an interactive app called Keet Health. This gives you direct access to your therapist even after you leave our office. We are here to help you achieve your recovery goals, and one wonderful way of doing so with us is through Aquatic Therapy!

Multiple locations in the Sacramento Region

Performance Physical Therapy has four location, and two of those locations have therapeutic pools. Our J Street location is in East Sacramento and our Folsom location is across from Folsom Lake College. In Folsom, we also have a water-powered lift to assist your entrance and exit.

Insurance and Aquatic Therapy

If you would like our team to verify your benefits to see if your insurance covers Aquatic Therapy. Call our Folsom office at 916-986-9068, and we will explain your benefits. We hope this information provides you with hope and we look forward to focusing on your recovery goals with you!

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