What Physical Therapists Love about Physical Therapy

What Physical Therapists Love about Physical Therapy


Shannon Zalewski, Physical Therapist in Rancho Cordova
Shannon Zalewski, PT, DPT
Clinic Director – Rancho Cordova

October is National Physical Therapy month, and we are exploring what makes physical therapy is such a rewarding career. Following our previous blog post, some of our physical therapists continue to share more about what they love about their profession as well as some of the benefits of physical therapy.

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of being a physical therapist?

Mallory McGowan, PT, DPT: “Hands down, when people have no pain any longer and can get back to their lives without dysfunction. Some people can get really discouraged and depressed when they aren’t able to participate in their hobbies or normal exercise due to injury. Physical therapy overall helps to improve their mood and increases endorphin activity. There’s no greater feeling than somebody telling you that YOU are the reason they are feeling so much better.”

Shannon Zalewski, PT, DPT: “The most rewarding aspect is getting to build personal relationships with people, and then guiding them on the way to recovery to allow them to achieve their goals in returning to their hobbies or jobs. I view discharging people from therapy as bitter-sweet: Bitter because we must say goodbye to them at that point, but so sweet as they have accomplished their goals.”

What do you wish more people understood about physical therapy?

Megan Self, PT, DPT: I would like people to understand that you do not have to be athletically inclined to be successful in your physical therapy. We see people from all walks of like in all different conditions. We really tailor a plan to help anyone reach their goals. Also, people tend to think that physical therapy is going to be very painful and even torturous. This is not always true. Different physical therapists will have different philosophies. It is important to find one who will listen to your needs and your goals, and adapt their style to provide you with the best care.” 

Ian Folsom, PT, DPT: “It can be a very powerful tool to aid in recovery, but you only get out of it what you put into it. Two days a week in PT is great, but what are you doing to address your issue the other five days a week?”

Ian Folsom, Physical Therapist in Sacramento
Ian Folsom, PT, DPT
Director of Rehabilitation
Clinic Director – J Street

What are some of the benefits of physical therapy that most people are unaware of?

Mallory McGowan, PT, DPT: “Physical therapy can help correct compensations as well as their initial injury. Often, if people have foot or knee pain, it can be from an imbalance in their low back or hips. Many people are fascinated when physical therapists fix the imbalances above and below the area that hurts, so the area itself can improve. It’s really fun to educate people and show them techniques that almost seem “magic” in nature. It is especially satisfying when you perform a “quick fix” or an adjustment or trigger point release that helps immediately.” 

Megan Self, PT, DPT: “We can do vestibular rehabilitation, for dizziness, vertigo, and balance issues. Not everyone knows that.”

Why is physical therapy so awesome?

Megan Self, PT, DPT: That it is a drug-free way to help people decrease and manage their pain. When done properly, there are few side effects to physical therapy. Medications can oftentimes create other problems and only mask pain. In physical therapy, we seek to find the root of the problem for each person. Then, we tailor programs specifically designed to treat those musculoskeletal dysfunctions.” 

Celebrating National Physical Therapy Month

At Performance Physical Therapy, we are very thankful for our amazing and dedicated team of Physical Therapists. We are also incredibly thankful for our patients. Whether they are experiencing body pain, lack of mobility, or vertigo, our patients trust us to help them on the road to recovery. Every team member at Performance Physical Therapy shares the same goal of providing the best support possible to our patients.

Megan Self, Physical Therapist in Roseville
Megan Self, PT, DPT

In need of Physical Therapy services in the Sacramento Region?

Performance Physical Therapy is the Sacramento region’s favorite Physical Therapy team. With appointments available within 24 hours, you can book your Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Hand Therapy, and Vestibular Rehabilitation appointment and begin treatment quickly. We proudly serve in four locations: Folsom, Roseville, Rancho Cordova and J street in Sacramento. We also are proud to serve surrounding cities such as Midtown, Auburn, Rocklin, Elk Grove, Antelope, and Citrus Heights.

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