Philanthropy Friday with Miriam!
Miriam dropping backpacks off at Sacramento Children's Home

Philanthropy Friday with Miriam!

Miriam dropping backpacks off at Sacramento Children’s Home
Performance Physical Therapy strives to provide patients with unparalleled care within the Sacramento region. We go above and beyond in our efforts, but there’s a little secret to the magic that happens behind the scenes.  It’s the staff. We hire people who we believe have an intrinsic desire to help others. People who want to help others do it inside and outside of the office. This week, we want to share a little more about Miriam. First the back story to our Philanthropy Friday. Last month, Miriam emailed our Director of Public Relations to see if we could do a backpack drive. While “of course we can” was the answer to that question. That wasn’t where Miriam stopped. She sent a link with the needed items, and posted the flyers. She created a little box to collect items and backpacks, and then delivered the collected donations to Sacramento Children’s Home. Our patients and our staff, together made the donations. The level of, not to steal Dignity Health’s motto here, but that level of human kindness displayed is something we deeply value. When asked how she got the idea, Miriam answered, “I like to look out for anything where you can give back to the community.” If everyone took one extra step to try and improve the life of another person, imagine the impact! Miriam has been a Physical Therapy Aide with Performance Physical Therapy since March of 2016. She’s currently studying at Carrington College to become a Physical Therapy Assistant, and received an ‘A’ on her first quiz! She told us, “I love outpatient therapy because I find building relationships with our patients most rewarding.” We’re thankful to have Miriam and her kind heart on our team! Let’s all embrace her kind spirit this month and find a little ways to give where we live.    

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