Our First Ever Check-In For Charity Begins This June!

Our First Ever Check-In For Charity Begins This June!

Performance Physical Therapy is excited to announce we will begin Check-in For Charity, beginning this June!

As a company which has served the Sacramento region since 1996, we greatly value our local community. With the mission of giving back to our community here, we are excited to announce we will launch our own Check-in For Charity this June!

A Local Non-Profit: the Center for Fathers and Families

Center for Fathers and Families in SacramentoFor our first Check-in For Charity, we have selected the local non-profit Center For Fathers and Families. Center for Fathers and Families (CFF) has a 25-year history of responding to the needs of fathers and fatherless families. Also, their mission is to strengthen families and build communities in the Sacramento region by offering a network of programs and services that lead to family growth, enrichment, and empowerment.

Their primary initiatives are:

  1. Starting young people on a positive path,
  2. Helping parents achieve & maintain success
  3. Empowering families to thrive together.

Their programs include:

  • MASTERS (Making Afterschool Time Enriching, Rewarding & Successful). MASTERS serves 1,600 low-income children and families every school day by providing homework assistance, enrichment activities, recreation, and health and wellness activities and education.
  • Parenting Classes including;
    • Daddy’s Here
    • Practical Parenting
    • Taming Your Temper
    • Co-Parenting
    • Life Skills
    • Drug & Paternity Testing

Additionally, the CFF serves over 5,000 adults and children annually. In fact, over 80% of the families served are considered low income.

How You Can Check-In For Charity

Every time you visit Performance Physical Therapy and check-in to our clinic on Facebook with the hashtag #CFF25years, we will donate 25 cents to the CFF. The minimum amount we will donate to the Center for Fathers and Families for the month of June is $100, so please check in to help us surpass this goal!

How To Check-In on Facebook

  1. First, scroll to the top of your News Feed or Profile and click ‘What’s on your mind’?
  2. Then, click ‘Check-in’.
  3. Next, select the location: Performance Physical Therapy HQ and look for the clinic you’re at
  4. Include the hashtag #CFF25YEARS
  5. Lastly, hit ‘Share’.
  6. Continue doing this all month, we will donate every time you check in!


You can begin to check in starting on Monday, June 3rd at any of our four clinics. We are very excited about this event and hope you can help us reach our donation goal as we will be donating for every check-in to our clinic!

If you have any questions about how to check in to Facebook, please ask one of our staff members and we will be happy to help. In addition, you can learn more about the Center for Fathers and Families online.

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