Myths and Tips on Aging Well

Myths and Tips on Aging Well

With continued physical activity, a healthy diet, and staying connected to your community, you can help avoid many of the health problems related to aging and continue to do what you love. Here are some quick tips as well as common myths related to aging.

1. True or False: There’s nothing you can do to prevent falls

False! There are several steps you can take to help decrease your risk of falling. According to the Irish Medical Journal, in February 2015, 30% of people aged 65+ fall every year. This is a serious risk as 95% of hip fractures are caused by a fall. If you have a history or fear of falling, talk to your doctor. They may determine a plan of care for you. Secondly, have your eyes checked regularly. Also, you can make your environment safer by decluttering your house, improving the lighting in rooms, and removing trip hazards like throw rugs. Finally, you can begin a strength and balance exercise program with the guidance of a physical therapist.

2. True or False: Low back pain can only improve with bed rest and medication

False! Physical therapy can be an effective treatment for low back pain. In fact, Dr. Megan Self, DPT and Physical Therapist at Performance Physical Therapy in Roseville developed an exercise class on managing low back pain safely through exercise. You can speak with a physical therapist and have a plan of care created to managing your back pain.

3. True or False: Physical Therapy can help manage chronic pain

True! As a long term solution, your physical therapist will use hands-on techniques to stretch and mobilize your affected body part. In addition, an in-home exercise plan will be created. During your treatment, your physical therapist will educate you more regarding your pain. This information can empower you to live your most healthiest life to prevent re-injury or to help manage your pain. Through exercise, targeted muscles will be strengthened. Additionally, patients will likely find their flexibility and mobility improved.

4. True or False: You can get stronger when you’re older

True! Whether you are in your 60’s or even your 80’s, it’s possible to still see an improvement in strength! If you continue to exercise, your heart, bones, and brain will thank you! Your physical therapist can help assess your risk before beginning an exercise program. Additionally, they can create an individualized plan tailored to you which will include exercises while addressing your underlying medical conditions.

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