Muscle smiths. They dialed into the actual injury and I benefitted..

One December day, while walking up the drive on his route, James felt as if the ground had suddenly become uneven and his legs gave our on him. A hard worker, with outstanding performance reviews, now felt he was becoming a “work comp number.”

The beginning was tough. There are so many programs in place to warn about the dangers of slips, trips, and falls but it still happened to him. He tried to continue his work without needed to report the slip, but knew he needed to see a professional.

He came to Performance Physical Therapy in late December,

“I never knew what physical therapy was said James. I know now, they’re muscle smiths. Dialed into the actual injury and I benefited a lot.”
Integrity and work ethic kept James focused, and he was determined to recover. Physical therapy not only helped strengthen the muscles surrounding his injury, but also sparked his interest to start working out again. Thinking back to his favorite part of physical therapy,

“Shannon was really good at working out those areas where I was having muscle spasms. The way that everybody acknowledges you. It’s warm and welcoming. Everybody is so cool.”
Performance Physical Therapy is honored to help rehabilitate work injuries. We want to keep the hustle and bustle going in our region and our way to help is getting our patients back to work. Performance Physical Therapy is so committed to our community and it’s well being that we even offer the first 6 visits without authorization – at our risk. This is a way for us to better serve our patients and their employers and to get our injured employees moving toward a return to work right away. No one else in town does this.

We’re proud to report that James was discharged from our care on March 7, 2017. He’s back to work and has continued to work out on his own after physical therapy! The quality of care we deliver is unsurpassed in our region, and we value and appreciate the relationships we create with patients like James.

His success is our reward.

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