Meet Our Charity for July

Meet Our Charity for July

With the mission of giving back to our Sacramento community, we are excited to continue Check-in For Charity this July! Now, every time you visit our clinics, you can help support a local charity! We are so excited to share that this month’s charity is the Sacramento SPCA! In addition to helping a range of furry friends find their forever homes, the Sacramento SPCA also helps find foster homes for pets. Some of their other services include spaying and neutering pets as well as training classes.  

The mission of the Sacramento SPCA: 

“To foster a loving and compassionate community for animals and people by providing assistance, creating lifelong relationships, and saving lives. Since 1894, we have worked to reduce pet overpopulation through affordable spay/neuter services, promote the humane treatment of animals through education and outreach, and assist pet owners through a variety of programs and services designed to keep pets and their families together for life.” 

Fast Facts About the Work Done By the SSPCA in 2018:

  • 3,685 animals were adopted!
  • 1,8370 animals were spayed/neutered
  • 1,021 animals were fostered

How You Can Help Us Donate to the Sacramento SPCA

Every time you visit Performance Physical Therapy and check-in to our clinic on Facebook with the hashtag #SACSPCA, we will donate 25 cents to the Sacramento SPCA. The minimum amount we will donate to the Sacramento SPCA for the month of July is $100, so please check in to help us surpass this goal!

How To Check-In on Facebook

  1. First, scroll to the top of your News Feed or Profile and click ‘What’s on your mind’?
  2. Then, click ‘Check-in’.
  3. Make sure the status is ‘Public’ and not ‘Friends Only’ 
  4. Next, select the location: Performance Physical Therapy HQ and look for the clinic you’re at
  5. Include the hashtag #SACSPCA
  6. Lastly, hit ‘Share’.
  7. Continue doing this all month, we will donate every time you check in!

Check-In For Charity Happens All Month Long

You can begin to check in at any of our four clinics. We are very excited about this event and hope you can help us reach our donation goal as we will be donating 25 cents for every check-in to our clinic!

If you have any questions about how to check in to Facebook, please ask one of our staff members and we will be happy to help. In addition, you can learn more about the Sacramento SPCA online

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