Feature Friday with Dr. Megan Self, PT, DPT and Exercise Enthusiast!

Feature Friday with Dr. Megan Self, PT, DPT and Exercise Enthusiast!

Our Amazing Roseville Clinic Director

Megan Self, Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy, has proven to be an instrumental part of our team since she joined Performance Physical Therapy. Almost a year later, due to her work ethic and dedication to her patients, Megan became the Roseville Clinic director, after Mallory McGowan, DPT, another one of our wonderful physical therapists, became our Folsom Clinic Director. Continually, Megan provides compassionate care for her patients and encourages them to do their best.

A Unique Beginning to Becoming a Physical Therapist

While some people have a clear picture of the career they want from an early age, Megan’s life experience helped guide her to become a physical therapist. After working in restaurants and grocery stores, Megan trained horses and did competitive show jumping. Megan shared, “I had always been involved in sports, and I wanted to do something where I could use my athletic background. I also enjoyed working with people in a hands-on way, which I did during my time training horses and teaching others to ride. I wanted to go to college, and I researched various careers. Physical therapy seemed like a perfect fit, and it still does!”

Education as a Physical Therapist

After she decided to become a physical therapist, Megan attended Chico State University. There, she received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology. Next, Megan went to Sacramento State University for her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. During her schooling, Megan gained experience volunteering. She volunteered at various PT clinics, including outpatient, hospital, and skilled nursing facilities. Each opportunity further motivated her to become a physical therapist as she really enjoyed each experience.

What Megan Loves About Being a Physical Therapist

“I love working with all different kinds of people, young and old, in different stages of development, various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with a myriad of different challenges; no two patients are the same. And I love learning new things from my patients: what works, what is not working, and what can make me a better clinician. Ultimately, I feel so much joy from seeing people achieve their mobility goals, whether it is to walk again, return to work, or run their first marathon.” – Megan Self, DPT 

Her Goals as a Physical Therapist

With each patient, Megan has a similar goal in mind. She shares, “My goal is almost always the same: to create a personalized program to help someone achieve their goals. This requires a great deal of input from the patient – physical therapy is not a passive endeavor! Then, after the goals are delineated, we have to see what works and what does not. Once we know what is working and the patient and I are on the same page, then it is just about following through with the plan. As soon as patients begin to improve they typically get excited and become more involved in their progress. Pretty soon they are telling me when it’s time to progress exercises!”

More About Dr. Megan Self, DPT…

Where can you expect to find Megan when she’s not working in our clinics? Chances are, probably outside due to her love of being active! Megan said, “I love exercising, either at home, the gym, or outdoors. I have a 9-year-old daughter and right now we are into running together. We will be participating in our 2nd 5k run in February!” How amazing is that?

In addition, Megan loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, visiting the beach, exploring the mountains, and more! Megan added, “In my downtime, I am a Netflix binger. My favorite show is The Office as I love comedies.”

We want to thank Megan Self for all of her hard work and are grateful to have her on our team! We are also very excited about her upcoming Managing Low Back Pain Exercise Series in Roseville!

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