Managing Low-back Pain with Exercise

Managing Low-back Pain with Exercise

Is low-back pain a common problem for you?

According to The Mayo Clinic, age, lack of exercise and excess weight all contribute to low-back pain, so the best way to manage that pain is to focus on prevention. Prevention includes exercise, building strength and maintaining a healthy weight.

Join Megan Self, Physical Therapist and Clinic Director at Performance Physical Therapy for this 4 part series, Managing Low-back Pain with exercise! Space is limited. If you have a history of or are currently struggling with low-back pain you are not alone! Performance Physical Therapy continues to deliver compassionate care with effective results in the Sacramento Region for over 22 years. As a result, doctors and patients alike trust our physical therapists to help with a number of conditions. The most common is low-back pain. For that reason, Megan Self, PT, DPT developed a 4-Part Series to help people find out which exercises are safe and helpful without being detrimental to their back.

Managing Low-back Pain with Exercise, a Physical Therapist led Therapeutic-Exercise Series

Every Monday from February 18, 2019 through March 11, 2019.

Class will begin at 5pm and end at 6pm with a 10-15 discussion either before or after class. Please come prepared to exercise with work out clothes and appropriate shoes.


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Who will benefit from Managing Low-Back Pain series?

People with stiffness in their lower back or in their hips would benefit, as a result, symptoms could include generalized low-back pain, weakness in the core musculature or stiff muscles in the low back or hips. If you have a history of or are currently experiencing low-back pain, you could certainly benefit from this therapist led series! Finally, you can expect to learn exercises that are safe and helpful for your lower back. Total investment for this 4 part series is $99.

“The passion that I have for physical therapy truly comes from the interpersonal connections I make and being a part of someone’s rehabilitation process. The most rewarding aspect, without a doubt, is seeing a patient achieve their goals.”  – Megan Self, PT, DPT

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