How LSVT BIG Treatment Helps Patients With Parkinson’s Disease

How LSVT BIG Treatment Helps Patients With Parkinson’s Disease

What is the purpose of LSVT BIG Treatment?

The purpose of LSVT Big is to help patients with Parkinson’s Disease better understand their movements. Parkinson’s disease affects the way movements are perceived, so often what is normal movement feels overexaggerated. By better understanding how their body moves, patients can learn to recognize what is a typical range of motion for a movement.  According to LSVT Global, research has continued to support LSVT Big as a treatment.  Patients can achieve results like walking faster, improved balance, and increased ability to accomplish both small and large motor movements. Some examples of this would include buttoning clothes, writing, or the ability to stand up after sitting in a chair.

“LSVT Big is an exercise program developed to address movement impairments patients with Parkinson’s disease typically develop. It can help to improve amplitude/speed of movement, balance, and overall quality of life. This program is particularly effective when implemented early after diagnosis. Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition that can alter the way the body moves. Many patients notice that they have difficulty initiating movements and the motion becomes smaller than it used to be. LSVT Big provides an opportunity for patients to learn an exercise regimen that focuses on BIG movements. The program is adaptable to fit patient’s needs and help them progress towards their goals. Additionally, everyone receives a home exercise program to optimize functional improvements.” – Dr. Christine Nat, PT, DPT

Patients can expect treatment to include lots of repetition. This helps patients become more in tune with their movements. Another aspect of treatment is to assign challenges that occur in everyday life. When patients better understand their movements, they can feel more confident and empowered in their daily lives. 

What does it mean to be LSVT BIG Certified?

According to LSVT Global, only physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals or students enrolled in speech, physical and occupational therapy programs can become LSVT Certified. Due to the specialized knowledge and training required, only professionals in these fields have the skills required to be certified.

Choose Performance Physical Therapy for LSVT BIG Treatment in Sacramento, CA

Due to the standardization of the treatments, patients with Parkinson’s disease can expect similar, positive outcomes across the board, regardless of where they receive their treatment. In the Sacramento region, Dr. Christie Nat, PT, DPT is LSVT Big certified.

Dr. Christie Nat, PT, DPT works Performance Physical Therapy in Roseville. Since joining our team in July 2018, Dr. Christie Nat has proven to be dedicated helping patients achieve their specific physical therapy goals. Additionally, she is very personable, patient, and compassionate when working with her patients.

More About Dr. Christie Nat

Want to read more about Dr. Christie Nat, PT, DPT? Check out our blog post introducing her! There, you can learn about her education and what she enjoys to do in her free time.

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