“It is absolutely wonderful to not have any more vertigo”

Emily had been suffering for over two years, and the only thing that helped her was to sleep though the Vertigo spells. After being advised by her physician to watch videos on the Epley Maneuver, she had her daughter doing the maneuver on her anytime she experienced signs of Vertigo, and while it helped a bit, it only kept her Vertigo at bay for a day or two. She saw an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and they tried another maneuver without great results. One day, she mentioned to her physical therapist, Dr. Ian Folsom, PT, DPT that her Vertigo had recently got worse.

“I was at Performance Physical Therapy for other issues when I mentioned my vertigo was worse lately. I had never discussed this with Ian, and he offered to try the Epley Maneuver. Ian performed it easily and confidently. I have not had any more episodes since then. It is absolutely wonderful to not have any more vertigo. I am so thankful!” -Emily, August 17, 2016

Vestibular Rehabilitation helps patients suffering from vertigo, balance problems, brain trauma or inner ear dysfunctions. When being treated, our therapists begin with a thorough musculoskeletal and neuromuscular evaluation to identify specific areas of dysfunction or injury. We follow this with an individualized treatment plan, patient education and in-home exercises to give you the tools and the power to say goodbye to vertigo!


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