How to Make Time for Exercise During the Busy Holiday Season

How to Make Time for Exercise During the Busy Holiday Season

The end of the year can be a crazy time for most people. The holidays are in full swing, you are either hosting or visiting family and friends, and time just seems to be going by faster and faster. It can be hard to fit in activities that don’t have a deadline, like exercise and keeping up with physical therapy. However, it is important to keep your usual routines going, especially ones that positively affect your physical and mental health. Here are some simple ways to make sure exercise doesn’t get left out of your busy schedule.

Build exercise into other established routines. Instead of creating a new routine, use something else you do every day to remind you that it is time to do your exercise. For example, right after you brush your teeth every night do your stretches. It will only add a few minutes to something you are already used to doing and eventually will feel like second nature.

Take advantage of exercise opportunities you can fit into your everyday life. Every little bit counts. Taking the stairs, walking instead of driving when you can, stretching while you’re waiting in line, and walking over to a coworker instead of sending an email all add up and can keep you moving throughout your day.

Reframe the way you think about exercise. Working out doesn’t need to be so formal. View it as any kind of movement that keeps you active. It’s easy to look at exercise as something you have to do. Instead, look at it as a way to increase your physical and mental health or as a tool to help you recover from an injury. Exercise doesn’t need to be a chore.

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