How Physical Therapy Resolved My Pain

Repetitive movement can be a silent destroyer, just ask Corrine, a past patient of our Rancho Cordova clinic. Working 14 hour shifts as a dispatcher left her wth constant pain in wrists and elbows. Once she notified her physician,she was immediately referred to us for physical therapy. Corrine came in complaining of pain in her hands, yet Candiss quickly recognized the root of her problem, which was actually located all the way in her neck. Properly targeted treatment quickly eliminated all pain. Now, Corrine is gladly spreading the news about Performance Physical Therapy to all her coworkers. She has nothing but positive reviews about her visits: “I didn’t have any experience that I would change!” She is now officially pain free and has graduated from Performance Physical Therapy. Thank you Corinne for sharing your physical therapy experience with us and thank you for all the smiles we got to share!

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