Hand Therapy

physical therapist helps patient

We Are Dedicated to the Treatment of Hand and Wrist Pain, Carpal Tunnel and More!

We have a “hands on” approach with each patient and are dedicated to treating patients in an individualized and caring way. At Performance Physical Therapy our Physical Therapists treat hand injuries/conditions and they work closely with patients’ doctors to determine if the need for more specialized care if necessary.

Our physical therapists will work on regaining mobility and function as well as reducing pain in all affected areas of the patients’ hand. Our therapists work as a team with the patient’s physician to help our patients return to their normal activities without pain, and at times this consists of sending the patient to a specialist.

What to Expect

The hand is very complex and our physical therapists will start your treatment with a thorough evaluation of your condition. Here we will establish goals and set up an individualized treatment plan of action to get you to a successful recovery.  Your therapist will teach you about your condition and comfort you throughout your recovery process. After your evaluation, your treatment sessions will consist of fixing your hand, and reducing the pain that brought you to us in the first place. We will use a variety of arm and hand exercises to improve your strength and restore your function.

Why Choose Us for Hand Therapy?

Our goal is to treat you with compassionate and effective care. We are here to help patients live their life with reduced pain and help you achieve results!

Common Hand Conditions We Treat

  • Tendon disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Hand Injuries
  • Tendon Injuries
  • Hand fractures
  • Hand Joint Injuries

Patient Testimonials

Great place! Super friendly staff and I look forward to my appointments. My knee feels so amazing after each visit. Highly recommend!!
Ali - Rancho Cordova
March 2019
The staff was friendly and very reassuring. I was impressed with their organization. Each time I began an exercise, a timer was set so that we moved seamlessly on to the next set. They have a large well equipped facility. Did I already mention that the staff was great? They really were.
Rose - Rancho Cordova
January 2019
Wonderful clean environment. My therapist Megan is helping me with an issue with inner ear and balance. I have found her to be attentive and quite helpful with treatments and exercises I can do to alleviate my symptoms. I've had to reschedule a few times and as long as I call 24 hours ahead of time, I have had no issues or complaints. Plenty of parking at the facility. Certainly would recommend.
Eric - Roseville
March 2018