Performance Golf

Our goal is to connect your swing technique with a physical ability that can build a repeatable, efficient and powerful golf swing that will take strokes off your game. You will see an improvement in posture, pain, endurance and distance. This program will help you play better, and feel better both on and off the golf course.
The Titleist Performance Institute has over 11 years of accumulated research of how strength, flexibility and stability affect your golf swing. Data was taken from more than 30,000 amateur golfers as well as some of the greatest professional golfers in the world, to create a series of tests to determine which part of your body is limiting you from reaching your highest potential.

TPI Certified

With this program TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructors are able to determine your ability to generate and transfer speed and determine the most efficient energy transfer throughout your body. Each program is different, and depends on the needs of the individual player.

Patient Testimonials

Everyone at Performance Physical Therapy has been wonderful. The difference between now and when I first started coming here is night and day. I appreciate every minute of time I spent here. I don't think anyone would ever call recovering from surgery, "fun," but I had about as pleasant a time as it gets.
Gabrielle - J Street
My left elbow and wrist are so much better, hope the next 6 sessions are approved!
Royleen - Roseville
The program was well thought out providing a progression of exercises that built up abilities and skills necessary to have a normal, happy life. Thank you
Thomas - Roseville