Feature Friday with Tyler – Fame, Soccer and His Next Stop: Medical School

Feature Friday with Tyler – Fame, Soccer and His Next Stop: Medical School

If you think you recognize Tyler from somewhere, it might be from that one the time he was on National TV. Yes, that’s correct, we have a celebrity on our hands friends!

“AAAND TYLER MIGUEL COME ON DOWN.” Tyler jumped so high he fell onto the next row of seats only to be picked up and bear hugged by his screaming and cheering friends. He had been chosen to participate on the classic game show, The Price is Right! He told everyone around the Rancho office – including our patients – how he KNEW he was going to get picked. He studied the show on his breaks and prepared group clever t-shirts for everyone that came to the show with him for his birthday.


He did everything he said he was going to do! Now, he’s doing the same with Medical School.

Tyler graduated from UC Riverside in June 2017 with a degree in Biology, and that August, he became a Physical Therapy Aide at Performance Physical Therapy. He enjoys getting to know our patients on a personal level through their recovery process, and the experience has solidified his interest to pursue the medical field. Last week, he took the MCAT and will receive the results at the end of July! His top Medical School choices in California are UC Davis School of Medicine and UC Riverside School of Medicine.

He is now on his journey to becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. Our Team is proud to cheer him on as he continues to pursue his dreams! When Tyler isn’t at work, watching Big Brother or hitting the books, you would most definitely find him on the soccer field or on an adventure with his family and friends.

Keep up the great work, and zest for life, Tyler!

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