An Extra Special Feature Friday with Emily Cunningham- On the Importance of Being Yourself, Appreciating the Little Things in Life and Her New Promotion!

An Extra Special Feature Friday with Emily Cunningham- On the Importance of Being Yourself, Appreciating the Little Things in Life and Her New Promotion!

What brings you joy? In our ever-changing, fast-paced, technology-driven world, that’s a question many may struggle to answer. For Emily, it’s the little things in life like the smile lines around people’s eyes, a good laugh and the smell of laundry detergent. All those little things that some may overlook or take for granted. Emily chooses to focus on the good of people and her surroundings. A trait that compliments her perceptive and “we’re all in this together” positive personality.

As soon as you walk into our J Street Clinic, she is one of the first people to greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome. She’s able to befriend anyone with her down to earth demeanor and within seconds she’s sure to crack a joke or two. Her ability to genuinely be herself can make anyone feel comfortable to be themselves too, it’s an energy she spreads to others and may not even know it.

When hired back in August of 2016, Emily’s first impression was that Performance Physical Therapy was the type of place to embrace you like family so long as you worked hard. She says, “I believed that and I generally trust my gut. I’m glad I did”. Emily initially joined our team as a Patient Service Coordinator. In the two short years she has been with us, she has been a positive force in the front office. She has perfected the balance of hard work and humor. When asked what she believes is important in the workplace, she replied with, “Never feel as though you know everything. There is always more to learn and as long as you strive to gain more knowledge, your humility and work ethic will help you succeed.” She’s consistently direct, honest and goes the extra mile to reach out for a better working environment, just a few reasons she’s recently been promoted to Front Office Manager! Her time here has taught her a few things: hard work pays off, always stay kind because you never know another person’s pain (physically and emotionally) and oh yeah, she operates much better when she’s caffeinated.

If there’s one life rule that Emily lives by, it’s to unapologetically be herself. She says she wouldn’t get anywhere in life by pretending to be somebody she’s not. She acknowledges that she may get a lot of funny looks but she embraces that. Emily’s life rule inspiration comes from her mother, who has taught her to be kind but strong. Her mother has gracefully set an example and walked her through it until she was ready to be that person on her own. Her mother also taught her to believe that, “it’s okay to be and say whatever you want… but the consequences are yours.” She then jokingly added, “So basically she taught me the importance of not ALWAYS saying what’s on my mind.”

Emily has a compelling interest in how the brain works. Her passion stems from when she struggled with anxiety at a young age. She wholeheartedly believes that when it comes to topics on mental health, there is nothing to be ashamed of. With an open mind and heart she knows that nothing is going to change if nothing changes. Instead of letting the struggle simply consume her, she has set her goals to something much bigger than herself. She wants to use her own experience as a foundation to serve a higher purpose, to help other people. She plans on going back to school to earn her Master’s Degree. Her family at Performance recognizes her self-awareness and awareness of others, especially her speciality in observing her environment just in case someone might be in need. Without a doubt, we know that anything she sets her mind to will play out as magnificently as herself.

Emily supplemented her feature by adding what she wants others to know about performance Physical Therapy, “Whether you’re an employee or a patient, this place will root for you. The people that work here genuinely care about everyone’s well being.” She concluded by adding in “Thank you to the people who push me to be better and strive for more but also call me out to keep me humble when I falter.” Thank you, Emily, for always refreshingly being genuine to yourself and to those around you. Your hard work has made an immensely positive difference in many aspects and we trust and look forward to your many accomplishments in this new well-deserved role.

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