What to expect on your first day of Physical Therapy
What to Expect

What to expect on your first day of Physical Therapy

What to Expect on Your First Day of Physical Therapy

Before the visit:

  • When to arrive: Plan on arriving 15 minutes before the start of your appointment to complete patient paperwork.
  • What to bring: Bring along your physician’s referral and your insurance card (if applicable)
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothes, loose or stretch-fitting clothing is perfect, avoid anything tight or hard to move in.
  • When you arrive: Time to check into your appointment with our Patient Service Coordinators and begin the patient paperwork. This paperwork includes information about your injury, insurance coverage and your consent for us to treat you.

During the visit:

Time to be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist!

Your physical therapist will do a thorough assessment. This includes asking questions to get to know you better and to learn more about what ails you. This will allow them to create a plan of care that is unique to you and your injury.

Make sure to communicate during this time! Discuss YOUR goals with your Physical Therapist at your first visit. Communicate pain and injury accurately so that the plan of care can be customized appropriately. Always ask questions and address concerns.

After your visit:

Commit to your “Home Exercise Plan” Your PT may give you a list of exercises specifically designed for you to do at home. Based on how much effort you put into following through on your home program, your ultimate can outcome can be impacted. For the best results, follow and stay active with your plan. Be sure to write down any question to ask at your next visit, or reach out sooner using Keet! 

During your next appointment, your therapist will review your exercises with you. You can, and should, ask questions at your next follow up visit if you are not sure what to do. Your physical therapist will be happy to help resolve any confusion you may have regarding the exercises. 

Remember to stay committed and do ALL of your exercises! 

Performance Physical Therapy is the Sacramento region’s favorite Physical Therapy team. With appointments available within 24 hours, you can book your Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Hand Therapy and Vestibular Rehabilitation appointment and begin treatment quickly. We proudly serve in four locations: Folsom, Roseville, Rancho Cordova and J street In East Sacramento as well as their surrounding cities such as Midtown, Auburn, Rocklin, Elk Grove, Antelope, and Citrus Heights. Let us help you live your most mobile life and get you back to doing the activities you love.

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