Exercise and Bone Health

 The Importance Of Exercise On Our Bones

Mallory McGowan, a Doctor of Physical Therapy at our Performance clinics, strongly values exercise not only for professional reasons, but also due to a personal tie. Below she comments on an article that speaks about physical activity and its importance to our health now and in the future.


Exercise for Strong Bones – An article about the benefits of exercise on our bones


“This article is very relevant to physical therapy, and especially in the outpatient setting that I work in. It would be a great education tool to place in clinics to educate and spark people’s interest in increasing or changing their exercise regimen. In my experience, many patients associate exercise with weight loss, cardiovascular health, and preventing diabetes. One important factor they miss is bone health. This article is especially important to me, because both of my grandmas have osteoporosis. Because of genetics, I myself have a strong risk factor for the disease. Both grandmas in the past few years have broken ribs and even fractured vertebrae from a simple cough and a pat on the back. What they didn’t know was that weight bearing exercise and weight training can help slow down the process or prevent it from happening. If you don’t use it, you lose it!”


“My advice for those trying to begin an exercise regimen to prevent osteoporosis, would be to simply use household items as weights and walk with intermittent jogging to increase the force placed upon bones to strengthen them. It only takes 30 minutes a day total to see results. Exercise can even be broken into 3 bouts of 10 minutes for beginners. Several of my older, healthier patients have even tried jump roping or climbing the stairs in their home or apartment several times per day. Exercise can also be a social event. Other options include joining classes at the local gym, or getting friends together to dance and have fun!”



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