3 Things That Surprised Me About Physical Therapy 
Jessica, Marketing Assistant at Performance Physical Therapy

3 Things That Surprised Me About Physical Therapy 

Insights from a new team member.

1. The Benefits

Physical therapy helps people experiencing pain and problem areas on their bodies, but also benefits people wanting flexibility training or strengthening. It is very rewarding to hear patients share how their custom care plans help them accomplish their goals; whether it’s regaining mobility, being able to touch their toes again, or stepping foot onto a golf course for the first time in years. Another common reason people seek physical therapy is to find relief from vertigo.

2. The Relationship

Our physical therapists create an open and transparent relationship with all patients. From the first visit, they seek to understand the unique needs of the individual patient before making a tailored plan.

As you progress in your recovery, your physical team will be there every step of the way by cheering you on, keeping you informed, and helping you succeed!

2.5 The Many Types of Physical Therapy

Okay, I couldn’t just choose three. At Performance Physical Therapy, you have options in the services that best suit your needs.
Those services include physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, and now Cup Therapy.

3. When your Body Feels Good, Your Life Gets Even Better

I’ve learned that if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort doing the activities you love, you may have the ability to seek treatment from a physical therapist without seeing your physician first! It’s called Direct Access, and the idea is that if you need physical therapy you can see a physical therapist immediately.

Click here to get in touch with our office and find out if you can come in through Direct Access!

What’s been the best part about your experience with us? I’m excited to learn more about our patients, so leave a message in the comments for me.




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