Back into Life with Lori

Back into Life

Lori’s referral came to us from one of the best surgeons in town. She had just had spinal surgery and needed to find something to help during her recovery. Lori works in an office, sits at a desk and had been living with excruciating back pain for a significant amount of time because her focus was on her children and her husband. She was able to see her husband through a successful brain surgery, and one of her daughters through spine surgery. Now, a mother of two wonderful and healthy daughters, and with the support of her husband, Lori was ready to focus on her back. She came to our Folsom clinic for Aquatic Therapy after her spinal surgery.

If you can imagine one smile filling an entire room then you can imagine Lori. Her positive attitude and appreciation for life has had an impact on us, “no matter what happens, you have got to stay positive”. Aquatic Therapy twice a week brought relief from the pain after her surgery and has set her on the road to her recovery. “If someone told me about the benefits of aquatic therapy two years ago, I would have laughed. Now, each week I am seeing improvements in my health.”

Lori has graduated out of Aquatic Therapy and has begun physical therapy “on land”. She’s a proud mother seeing her children off to college and running errands with her husband after her PT visits – her back is not slowing her down one little bit! Great work Lori, thank you for your positive outlook, your determination and your willingness to let us get to know you.

Thank you for letting us share your story.

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