“A Share Worthy Experience”

“Great. Great people. Great service. Very efficiently run.

Yesterday, particularly, I had a share worthy experience. Ian tried a cross friction massage on my heel injury and it made a HUGE difference! It wasn’t easy to tolerate because it actually hurt while he was doing it. But just 2 hours post treatment my husband noticed and mentioned that I was walking differently (without pain). For the first time in about 6 months, I wasn’t feeling pain in my heel with every step!! It’s a great feeling to know you are in the BEST, MOST CAPABLE hands when you are recovering from injury. It’s very reassuring. Plus, Ian always makes me laugh & laughter is a great anecdote for healing. Feeling grateful & most appreciative today for Ian’s talent & professionalism along with the support of a great team at Performance Physical Therapy. Thanks you guys!” – Brenda, Patient of Ian Folsom, PT, DPT

Ian Folsom, PT, DPT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Clinic Director at our J Street location. Ian has been with Performance Physical Therapy since January 2015. He bikes to work, shares his passion for sports with patients and staff members, and he is always in the mood for a few jokes! His work ethic is outstanding, and our patients, like the one above, benefit tremendously from Ian’s skill and dedication. It’s with pleasure that we’re able to share this success story. Great work, Ian!

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