7 Habits You Can Start Today To Be Healthier

7 Habits You Can Start Today To Be Healthier

Do you ever feel there are not enough hours in the day to make your health a priority? While most adults strive to be healthy, studies have found in reality, very few adults actually meet the criteria of living a healthy lifestyle. Here are 7 simple health habits to incorporate into your life, starting today! 

1. Drink More Water 

According to the Mayo Clinic, the amount of water people need to drink each day varies by individual. However, it is still a good goal to drink 8 eight ounce fluid glasses of water each day. Today, challenge yourself to drink an extra glass of water! 

2. Make Time For Hobbies 

Your hobbies are an important part of what makes you unique. In the midst of work/life balance, raising a family, spending time with others, and catching up on your favorite show on Netflix, you might forget to make time for your hobbies. However, if you try to practice your hobby an hour each day, you’ll reconnect with yourself and will likely be more productive due to how good you’ll feel!

3. Check Your Food Attitude 

If you are working on changing your diet, try to have a more positive, forgiving attitude towards what you eat. Instead of swearing off deserts forever, aim to find healthier desserts. Instead of feeling like you are losing something, you can focus on what you gain. 

4. Reconnect By Disconnecting 

In the age of the smartphone, people can be connected 24 hours a day. By constantly being updated on the news, comparing ourselves to other’s social personas, and longing for those likes, we can become disconnected from what is really happening around us. So, try to place limits on your screen time. Some ways to do this is not allowing phones at the dinner table, avoid going online two hours before bed, or leaving your phone at home more often. 

5. Practice Appreciation Every Day 

One of the simpler health habits, this practice is a good way to change your perspective! No matter where your day takes you,  find moments to pause and appreciate the good, whether it’s the feeling of sunshine or thinking about a dear friendship. By doing this, you are practicing changing your mindset. 

6. Try to eat more locally grown foods

With less distance to travel, locally grown foods are more likely to have more nutrients This is due to a shorter period between being harvested and being served. Looking for a farmers’ market? Visit Farm to Fork to learn about Sacramento’s local farmers’ markets

7. Exercise 

According to Better Health, some of the ways physical activity helps you is by reducing your chances of a heart attack, making it easier to manage your weight, and even how you feel mentally. One of the best ways to make exercise a part of your routine is by finding an activity you enjoy. However, before you take up a new sport or return to exercising after a long period of rest, you may want to see a physical therapist first. A physical therapist can help you learn how to safely take up this new activity. It’s possible that during a preventative appointment your physical therapist may actually find dysfunction. Patients will sometimes grow accustomed to living with extreme muscle tightness or a loss of mobility and not even realize it. By addressing any dysfunction early, you may help prevent an injury occurring later. 

Any other health habits you’d like to add?

Comment below to share any health habits you’ve committed to in 2019. Or, share how it felt to try adding one of these habits into your routine! 

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