5 Benefits of Physical Therapy – To Name A Few!

5 Benefits of Physical Therapy – To Name A Few!

While most people have a general understanding of physical therapy, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there. An instance of this is the idea one must be athletically inclined to be successful in physical therapy, which is simply not true. Physical therapists help people from all walks of life with different problems, including limited mobility. Surprisingly, many of the benefits of physical therapy are not commonly known.

Five benefits of physical therapy!

1. Manage your pain

Benefits of Physical Therapy include increase in motion

One of the most important benefits of physical therapy is safe pain management. Physical therapists can help patients who are experiencing movement-related pain. During a session, a physical therapist will likely use hands-on techniques to stretch the problem areas. They will also recommend exercises for improved muscle strength and function.  At Performance Physical Therapy, you will also receive instruction for an in-home exercise plan.

2. Recover quicker from injuries

Whether it’s a sports injury or a work-related injury, a physical therapist can determine an exercise plan to help ensure a full recovery.

3. Avoid surgery

Here is another one of the important benefits of physical therapy! Did you know physical therapy can help some people avoid major surgery, including hip and knee replacement? Physical therapy can still be beneficial even if surgery is still recommended. This is because the muscles will be stronger, which can result in a quicker recovery time.

4. Correct your balance

Have you ever experienced vertigo, a sensation which fills as if the room is spinning? Vertigo is experienced by around 10% of the population. This percentage dramatically increases with people over the age of 40 as it because more common with age. Physical therapists can help relieve vertigo within just a few visits.

5. Improve your LIFE 

As far as benefits of physical therapy, this one probably takes the cake.

We firmly believe that when your body feels good, your life gets even better. We see this everytime a patient begins to recover from what first brought them into our physical therapy clinics.

It’s so rewarding to help patients return to the quality of life they had before, or even experience a whole new way of living (especially with improved mobility/pain reduction). For example, a past patient named Jeff was concerned his way of life was at risk after a shoulder injury. Jeff wanted to continue working and it was important for him to live an active life with his family. Due to his physical therapy program and drive, Jeff was able to return to work as a lineman. Other patient success stories include the ability to touch one’s own toes again after five yearsfinding relief from vertigo, and recovering from spinal surgery.

Physical Therapy Works

Along with those five benefits, you may be surprised to learn physical therapy is one of the safest ways to treat pain. While some people rely on opioids alone for their pain management,  physical therapy goes beyond masking the pain and treats the source of the problem. In addition, physical therapy is very effective as the patient receives encouragement and support from the physical therapy team. At Performance Physical Therapy, we truly care about seeing each one of our patients succeed. Our patients are not alone in their recovery. We value open communication with our patients and they are encouraged to ask questions. Recently, patients can stay in touch with their physical therapist between visits through the KEET app.

There are still quite a few more reasons for why physical therapy is such a powerful tool in recovery. Burke Rehabilitation Hospital has additional benefits of physical therapy.

In need of Physical Therapy services in the Sacramento Region?

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