Performance Physical Therapy Celebrates Our 21st Anniversary!

Last week marked our 21st Anniversary! 

We spent the week reminiscing over all of our favorite memories that we’ve shared together at Performance. Below are a few of our favorite:

1. Seeing former patients

Dr. Ian Folsom, Physical Therapist
Dr. Ian Folsom, PT, DPT

“My favorite moments are when former patients come in just to say hello and catch up. Moments like that are why I became a PT in the first place and reaffirms that Performance is more than a business and they’re not just patients but friends. That’s the kind of company I want to go to work for everyday and the coworkers I want to be surrounded by. At PPT, we really do care 🙂 (Dressing up as Santa Clause is a close second haha)”– Dr. Ian Folsom (Physical Therapist/Clinic Director at Folsom)

2. The amazing PSC Adventure!

Team J Street“I think I will have to go with the PSC (Patient Service Coordinator) adventure. Between the insane amount of laughing, the weird lady trying to get you to dance, trying to escape that confusing room, and watching Jamie beat everyone at that arcade basketball game, I’d say it was one for the books. It also gave me a chance to really interact with all of the girls that I spend so much time communicating with via technology. It sort of made me feel like a real part of the whole team as opposed to just the little J Street family. I have to say the day after the Cubs won the World Series was a pretty great day here at J Street. The mood has never been more lifted. Anywhere. Ever.” -Emily (Patient Service Coordinator at J Street)

2. Yummy get-togethers! 

Physical Therapist

“Some of my favorite memories have come from the birthday pot-lucks that we have had at Rancho over the past year. It’s so great to have everyone come together over a meal to celebrate and have a good time together :)” – Dr. Shannon Zalewski (Physical Therapist/Clinic Director at Rancho Cordova)

3. A ninja ballet scavenger hunt

“So many to share but I think my fave is the ninja ballet at the scavenger hunt! The fact that [April] was pregnant at the time made it that much more enjoyable!” – Jamie (Deputy CEO)

4. Old Town Scavenger hunt 

“My favorite memory was at our 20th anniversary scavenger hunt where I got arrested in Old Town Sac!!!”– Dr. Mallory, PT, DPT, and Folsom Clinic Director

5. Time with the team 

“My favorite memories are- Volunteering at Golf and guitars; Our PSC team building get together’s and the whole company PPT meetings; One of our aides was cleaning electrodes and got on stuck to her lunch plate and put in microwave and it smoked the whole break room in Antelope.”-Billie Jean (Patient Service Coordinator)

6. So many memories!

“The back alley PSC photo shoot was fun and sketch. But then there was the time April and Ian dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Clause or when Ian treated patients dressed as Thor on Halloween. The time I gave ML a heart attack because of my driving during the scavenger hunt, or the Murder Mystery Christmas party which was both cheesy and inappropriate. Man I love this place….”- Rachel (Patient Services Manager)

7. Pancakes from a patient

“My favorite memory was when a patient was so bored in one of the treatment rooms that he prank called me and started telling me his breakfast order over the phone. Realizing the level of boredom this pt had reached, I brought him a couple magazines. He asked me, “Well what would you have ordered for breakfast?” And I told him chocolate chip pancakes (obviously). So, his next appointment he brought me chocolate chip pancakes with a side of syrup and a mocha from Starbucks and thanked me for putting up with him.”– Michelle (Patient Service Coordinator at Folsom)

8. Being Mrs. Claus for a day

“One of my favorite memories being employed by Performance Physical Therapy: Being dressed up as Mrs. Claus while handing out hot chocolate to Veterans waiting for their appointments at the VA. Let’s not leave out the JCPenny’s photo shoots!! Some of the best of the best are forever in our memories!!”– April (Director of Public Relations)

9. Christmas competition

“My favorite memory was when all clinics got to compete for best Christmas decorations. Antelope won with a Red neck Christmas. LOL. Jamie’s daughter was the judge and because we had a ladder with Christmas lights around it LOL. Really fun activity for everyone involved. 🙂 <3”-Jesica (Patient Service Coordinator at Roseville)

10. A fun team to be around

“When I first started working here, we were asked to take pictures for the website at JCPenny’s and our group photo was awkwardly hilarious. I knew from that moment I would really enjoy working with these people because they were so friendly and fun 🙂 “- Andi (Marketing Assistant)

Thank you to all of our wonderful employees, patients, and physicians for making these past years so amazing. Cheers to many more to come!

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