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Employee of the Year goes to.….

In order to select Employee of the Year, our leader and CEO, Jamie Brinker thinks back on the success of Performance Physical Therapy.

As she smiles and recalls the good times and the few not so easy times in 2018, she can’t help but notice the common theme. Like when the company ran seamlessly even with a bazillion PT Aides going off to school at the same time. Or those other times when the front office procedures changed. There was even a couple times when seasoned employees went out on maternity leave. This person continued to give 110%. Because of this, the company still ran effectively. The therapy team still delivered the best care in all of Sacramento, and most importantly, our patients continued to enjoy each new team member we brought on board.

Company Goals

In order for our team to continue to provide the most compassionate care with effective results, we must continue to hire the best. We also must oversee and train our office staff to do their job in nearly the exact same way at all four locations. We must also lead by example. As Jamie continued to think about the year, she began to feel immense gratitude for our 2018 Employee of the Year.

Who is the 2018 Employee of the Year?

This employee has had a hand in hiring the best people, overseeing their training, scheduling at all four locations and all with a positive attitude. Rachel Dominguez is such an incredible asset to our team and we are proud to announce that she has been chosen as the 2018 Employee of the Year. This award is given to an employee that has shown performance growth, leadership skills, personal drive, dedication and gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout the year. While we believe it’s pretty clear Rachel has displayed all of those qualities, we decided to ask staff to find out.

What staff say about Rachel

“Rachel does so much for all of us! I’d like to thank her for her never-ending support. She constantly bounces back and forth, always answering every single question we may have. I haven’t kept count, but she has answered at least 1 million questions that I’ve had so far. I appreciate that she has given me additional responsibilities and has confidence in me to handle things. She is the glue to our team and makes us all want to work harder to keep things running smoothly. I think we would fall apart without her! – Abby, Patient Service Coordinator

“I don’t have anything nice to say about Rachel. 😉” – Tyler, Physical Therapy Aide

“Rachel always has such a positive attitude and is always ready to help both patients and staff with any questions or concerns they might have. She is a hard worker and is incredibly dedicated to her job. Rachel has an exuberant personality which brings out the best of all her coworkers. I always end up laughing a little harder when Rachel is around! – Jen, Physical Therapy Assistant

“Rachel has been very supportive through my PSC journey at performance Physical Therapy Therapy. She is always offering the PSC’s an extra hand when she is available and is constantly checking in at all the clinics to see that everything is going smoothly. She has contributed to a lot of my success as a PSC and I appreciate the support she has given me since day one.” – Kimberly

“Rachel is one of the hardest workers I have ever had on my team. She is not only dedicated to the process, but to achieving company goals. She’s like a multitasking magician.” – Mark McCoy, Owner

Congratulations on being named Employee of the Year, Rachel!

Employee Recognition
Rachel Dominguez, Director of Operations

So, as you can see, across the clinics and throughout the company, we all rely on Rachel. She’s managing staff, patients, AND we haven’t even mentioned the attorneys! Rachel comes to work and makes our days brighter with her genuine personality and giving heart. We are proud to celebrate her work ethic, her leadership and her attitude. Thank you for all you’ve contributed to Performance Physical Therapy, Rachel! You are appreciated (cue the music).

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